Rumble Wepnz

When accuracy is all that matters!

Custom hand built tactical rifles

We hand build each weapon to exacting tolerances making every weapon unique. Our weapons come with a 1/2 MOA or less guarantee for a 5 shot group using factory match ammunition. Each weapon is shipped with a verification target. Pricing varies depending on clients specifications.
Although we specialize in .223 , .308 Win and .338 Lapua Magnum, we can handle most calibers and configurations . Contact us for additional information.
Tactical 308 (entry level)
This is our entry level 308 Win configuration. Built on the Rem 700 action blueprinted and mated to a Shilen stainless match barrel and a factory reworked trigger. All supported by a full pillar bedded or an aluminum bedding blocked stock.
Tactical 308 ( high end)
As above but with a Jewel adjustable trigger, muzzle brake, McMillan A-5 or H-S Precision stock and a detachable magazine setup. Barreled with a Shilen stainless Select Match, custom cut to a match grade chamber.
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